Yeti Cycles takes two riders, a handful of mountain bikes, some cameras and seeks adventure

Colorado’s Yeti Cycles makes Mountain Bikes.  Not just any mountain bikes though – but legendary, fully sprung trail slayers (save for one shapely hardtail) that have carried many a storied rider over the years.  Yeti also boasts an uproarious crowd of enthusiasts (called ‘The Tribe’) that get together every year to indulge several days of big rides in beautiful places.

In “Southwest, Proven Here” the latest film from Yeti Cycles and Craig Grant; riders Joey Schusler and Michael Larsen take the ‘big rides in beautiful places‘ ethic to heart and disappear into the backcountry that epitomizes America’s giant desert landscapes and the freeflow spirit of mountain biking. With expansive & achingly beautiful views of the Porcupine Rim Trail in Moab to tenuous navigations between the giant sandstone formations of Sedona, Yeti attempts to slake the thirst that draws mountain bikers to the rolling red sandstone of the Southwest…  that is until you can make it out there yourself.

The last few miles of the Porcupine Rim Trail are some of the best riding in Moab. No matter where you started, from Burro Pass in the high elevations to the lower rim, it all ends here, spitting you out along miles of singletrack adjacent to the mighty Colorado River.

For mountain bikers familiar with the area, here’s a list of locations & trails ridden during the making of this movie…

  • Moab, Utah
    • Porcupine Rim,
    • Jackson Trail,
    • Captain Ahab,
    • Hangover Trail,
    • Cathedral Rock
  • Canyonlands National Park, Utah
  • Sedona, Arizona

Yeti Cycles equipped Craig and Joey with their ASRc mountain bike for doing the dirty work.  The ASRc is a 4″ travel “cross country race machine,” capable of tackling dry desert climbs as well as fast, technical descents.  It is essentially the spiritual successor to their historically bomber 575 line of bikes, of which helped Yeti grow a solid following in the mid 2000’s.

Press release follows:

The landscape of the American southwest is an ethereal place. The cathedral towers, deep canyons, and crushed red dirt produce terrain with endless riding possibilities. One is only limited by his efforts to push further. Pedaling along the sun drenched plateaus and in the shadowed canyons, all while sleeping below the stars in the cool night, you can start to feel displaced from the daily grind. That is until the beer runs low, the skins begins to redden and you head back to civilization to refuel. The deserts of the southwest are like a second home for many mountain bikers, providing a sanctuary in the winter months as an escape from whatever ails.
Cinematography By: Craig Grant
Directed and Edited By: Craig Grant
Additional Timelapse Photography By: Joey Schusler
Sound Design: Keith White

Yeti Ambassadors:
Joey Schusler & Michael Larsen

A River’s Journey by Todd Hannigan
Illuminate by The Earth and Arrow
Skylight by The Earth and Arrow
Cloudine by Joseph

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