YETI Coolers Celebrates Fatherhood with Inspired Visual Storytelling in the Last Best Man

YETI Coolers and video storytellers, the Farm League, have put together 5 video installments that celebrate Fatherhood.  Called My Old Man, the videos are artistic, spiritual and explore five different fatherly experiences.  All five are excellent, but the one we’ll highlight here is the second installment titled, The Last Best Man by Hilary Hutcheson.  In it, Hillary takes her father Dave, a long time National Park Service Ranger, fly-fishing for his first time. Dave worked as a ranger at Mount Rainier National Park for an entire career, but after retiring, started to withdraw from the wild activities that once defined his days.  Hilary decided to take him out on the water, and as she says, “It’s never too late to go outside with your dad and have a good time.”

My Old Man is not the first visual storyteller series by YETI Coolers.  They’ve dabbled in this space before with Lost & Found and YETI Presents.  Their YouTube channel is stocked full of artistically filmed & inspired videos designed to give you the feels.

You can follow YETI on Facebook here and on Instagram here.  You can learn more about Farm League here.

Yeti Coolers Last Best Man

Yeti Coolers Last Best Man. Photo courtesy Yeti Coolers