Thank you for your interest in feature writing with Basin and Range Magazine.

We work with a broad range of freelancers, from long-time professionals to first-timers with a great story. We also cover a broad range of subjects, from perspective pieces that relate what it means to be a part of the modern culture of “The West”, to stories that dive into the individual personalities that drive that culture.  We also explore all the active lifestyles that seems to go so well with a life lived out west, and then there are the inspiring stories of entrepreneurship – of people thriving in our far flung communities. Essentially, we engage readers with stories that find themselves at the intersection of the active lifestyle, technology, culture, and the western states — which means plenty of opportunity for you to pitch us a story.

What we’re looking for:

“Stories for hire” tend to be medium to longform features, running 1,500-3,000 words. They’re narrative-driven, with a clear arc and careful reporting.

The best way to know what interests us is to see what we’ve done before, by studying our features page.  All of these stories have a active lifestyle element, but they’re not simply stories about “being outdoors.” They’re really about how the culture of the west — its natural beauty — its new ideas — are driving a positive influence in the US, Canada and the rest of the world. At Basin & Range, that influence can be felt through the impact of individual innovators, athletes, the landscape that the culture operates in, and how the modern integration of technology enhances that reach, and so on.

What we’re not looking for

We only occasionally publish more personal, experiential pieces or ruminative essays.  Similarly, most interview features originate with us, but if you have exclusive access to an amazing conversationalist, please let us know.  We do not solicit slideshows, timelines, or variations on “The 10 best things every Denverite knows about Denver.” We also don’t solicit opinion pieces.

What to send us

If you’ve got a story you think fits at B&R, great! We’d love to hear it. Send us a few paragraphs answering the following questions:

What is the story? A few sentences should be enough to hook us, but take the time to explain how you see the story unfolding. What is the arc? Who are your main characters? Who have you interviewed? What has your research revealed about the storyHow are you going to report the story? What kind of progress have you already made (including sources and research), and what more do you have to do? Let us know your writing plan, including word count and a tentative deadline.
Why is it right for B&R? Our readership is business savvy and reads widely. Is your story new to that audience, or does it reveal a new facet of an old story? What other outlets, if any, have covered this story, and how will your telling be different?
Why are you the person to write it? Do you have any particular expertise or experience with the subject? Do you have unique access? You should also attach any clips (2-3 at most) that show off your feature-writing skills.
When you’re ready to wow us with your pitch, send it to We try to respond to pitches within a couple of weeks, but it may take longer if we’re particularly swamped. (Please note in the subject line if your pitch is time-sensitive.) Thanks for reading, and we look forward to working with you!