Mountains are more than just Peaks for Climbers to Climb - They also give us Rivers for Surfing

Part of what we do at Basin & Range is put you in touch with the people, places and things that make up the culture of “The West.”   This can take the form of climber culture, ocean culture, desert culture, or in this case: River Culture.  River Culture can also come in several different verities – there are anglers, whitewater kayakers, long haul packrafters, slow water explorers, and for today: River Surfers…

River Surfing has had a small but devout following for the past decade or so, and it’s popularity has surged recently with the advent of Stand Up Paddle sports.  It’s even made it into the standard for adventure sport competition – the GoPro Mountain Games.

Montana filmmaker Max Lowe takes us down to the proverbial river banks for a closer look into the motivations, poetry, mechanics and adventures that inspire these modern day river runners.  The movie above is the first of two shorts that tease us into anticipation of his full release in the Spring of 2016.

In Max’s 3+ minute movie, we get to see the intimate moments that make up life on some of the West’s whitewater rivers.  Watching it, you can almost feel the chill of the water as these surfers ride hour after hour of standing waves surrounded by the beauty of Montana’s canyon country.

max media an epic film montana river surfing

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