So iLL Kickstarts a Range of Full Color Climbing Shoes

So iLL, renowned maker of high style indoor and outdoor climbing gear, has launched their newest effort on Kickstarter – full color climbing shoes inspired by retro footwear.

Inspired by a vision to bring colorful, interesting products to climbers, founders Dan and Dave Chancellor started out in their high school years making climbing holds in their basement.  Over the years they have built up a series of climbing products (including a full scale climbing gym) that speaks to an alternative climbing counter-culture. Today they help represent the new wave of active sports product makers in the outdoor recreation space. They’re infusing a younger, more creative, highly original, cultural undertone that resonates with the new generation of climbers growing up in urban areas and gyms. The launch of this new shoe collection embodies that spirit, where style and culture play a huge part of the experience – something that Dan and Dave think the larger more established brands are failing to deliver on.

The story of So iLL and their visionary climbing shoes is not just a gear story; but also a cultural story of how an unlikely midwestern millennial-led small business in St. Louis can shake things and speak the language of a new generation of climbers.

What we’re so impressed with at B&R is the grand scale release of not just one climbing shoe, but SIX.  So iLL is focused on bringing an entire range of shoes that are designed to fit and impress a range of climbers with a range of foot sizes, from novices to experts.  It’s a big effort, and one that’s taken them a 3 years of development time and 150 samples to perfect.  Along the way they collaborated with a French designer to meticulously craft the retro themed shoes.  Pulling inspiration from vintage running shoes, old school soccer shoes, and classic bowling shoes, So iLL slowly began to extrude those iconic original concepts into high performance climbing shoes.

One of the high points of their climbing shoes is their use of “Dark Matter” rubber outsoles.  Originally manufactured for the US Navy Seals, So iLL signed a licensing agreement and began to incorporate the innovative rubber into their shoes.  As a company focused on high style, Dan and Dave knew that the simple monotone black rand and outsole rubber just wouldn’t stand, so they invested time and effort into tinting their Dark Matter without sacrificing any of the grip – an industry first.


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And keep your eyes peeled for an official B&R Field Test later this Spring…