Breckenridge Brewery Releases Special Anniversary Ale

Colorado’s Breckenridge Brewery has had much to celebrate in 2015 including the opening of their incredible new farmhouse styled brewery that more than doubled the venerable craft brewer’s former capacity, as well as the recognition of their silver anniversary in the business of making craft beer.

Breckenridge Brewery's 25th Anniversary Ale

Breckenridge Brewery’s 25th Anniversary Ale

To commemorate and cap off their monumental year, they have released a very special anniversary beer, aptly namedTwenty Five.  The recipe starts with an Imperial version of the brewery’s ever-popular Vanilla Porter giving it a more prominent ‘porter’ flavor as well as the boosted ABV. The beer then rests for ten weeks in rum barrels imported from the Caribbean island of Barbados.  Added to each cask is ¼ pound of incredibly rare, fresh, wet vanilla beans from the Veracruz region of Mexico.  Even the vanilla beans carry a unique story, coming from small family farms where they are hand pollinated and hand picked.

This exotic beer is full of flavor with notes of rum, raisin, and an oaky vanilla finish. Twenty Five is packaged proudly in 750 ml cork-and-cage bottles, and at 9.8% alcohol by volume, it’s one to be sipped and shared. Although it will be available in major markets nationwide in late November and early December, Breckenridge Brewery made a modest supply, so it recommends checking Beer Locator to find craft beer purveyors that carry Twenty Five. (