Get to know what makes Basin & Range Magazine special.

Basin & Range is the source for inspirational stories about the active lifestyle and outdoor adventures that comes with living in the Western States (California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico).  We do this through evocative storytelling – connecting our readers to the people, places and things that make the West a thrilling, interesting, and an incredible place to live and visit.

Our primary presence on the web,, showcases all original content that’s typically published daily.  B&R highlights:

  • The latest seasonal events happening throughout the West,
  • Active and outdoor lifestyle trends,
  • Essential gear for exploration and adventure,
  • Insider guides to the West – connecting people to the culture and beauty of the West

With expert advice, original videos, photo galleries, and richly written content, and an engaged social media presence, B&R is the source to help people connect with the West and live their most adventurous lives.

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Basin & Range on the Web, Social Presence

In addition to our primary publication footprint on the web (, B&R also regularly maintains a compelling social presence through several popular avenues that extend our reach and amplify your voice:

The B&R Audience

Basin & Range readers (#BasinandRangers on instagram and twitter) are men and women who are experiential, adventurous, and interested in the world.  They seek experiences and things that challenge them, add meaning to their life, and connect them to the the cultural touchstones of the outdoor & active lifestyle.  They pursue life with passion and authenticity and are achievers and influencers.  They not only read about adventure, but live out adventures in their life as well.


Our readers are primarily English speakers and come from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, India, Germany, Australia and on.  Who our readers are:

  • Age breakout:
    • 25% – between the ages of 18-24
    • 30% – between the ages of 25-34
    • 20% – between the ages of 35-44
    • 15% – between the ages of 45-54
    • 8% – between the ages of 55-64
  • Gender breakout:
    • 58.4% Female
    • 41.6% Male

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